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Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Transformation Stories

The only thing “extreme” about Farrell's in Overland Park is the transformations our members undergo. They find progress in all areas: Getting to a healthy weight. Stress relief. Even a life fewer medications. Now it’s your opportunity!

Let our members inspire and wow you! And see the winners of our $1,000 Challenge and our National Challenge.

Andrea's transformation from Farrell's
Andrea J.
Mooresville, NC
“I could control the intensity of my own workout, but always felt motivated to push myself.”
David winning $1,000 challenge
Elk River, MN
“I've generally been confident in life, but my experience with Farrell's has put my confidence through the roof.”
Katie B.
Peoria, IL
“I am beyond excited, thrilled, and overjoyed that my Feature, my Father, recently joined the Farrell's program himself and lost nearly 60 lbs in his ten week program! He is going to continue his weight loss journey and I couldn't be more proud!”
Deanna at Farrell's
Deanna L.
Albertville, MN
“I have built so many life-long friendships with people who have shared the struggle, celebrated the success, and everything in between.”
Lindsey, East Colorado Springs, CO
“I knew something needed to change in order for me to put my life back together and be the best mom that I could be for my two little girls. Farrell's came into my life exactly when I needed them.”
Randy N.
Randy N., Madison, WI
“Once again, we were walking and hiking upwards of 10 miles a day. Because I had kicked my own butt for more than an entire year, this time I was able to keep up!”
Sandy, Parker, CO
“Our instructors reiterated that each combination of punches and kicks, while at times complicated and confusing, could be accomplished if I completed one at a time. I have extrapolated this philosophy and many others from kickboxing into my life in the real world without gloves.”
**Each person is different, so results will vary. Any testimonials or results shown or stated reflect what that specific person was able to achieve using our program. If you follow all of the Farrells 10-Week program and there is no improvement in any of your fitness evaluations that are conducted by us upon completion of your 10-Week Challenge, we will pay you $500.
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