It's Upper Body Day

Program Director

You'll get the chance to better lives by recommending Farrell's to prospective members.

Not experienced with Farrell’s? No problem! We’ll provide excellent program and sales education so you can focus on enrolling prospective members into a program! You need to have these qualities:

  • A devotedness to demonstrating the Farrell’s lifestyle and passion for people
  • Great leadership and interpersonal talents
  • The ability to work independently

This is a part-time sales job that could quickly develop into a full-time position with Farrell’s. Your duties include:

  • Enrolling potential members by using the Farrell’s international sales procedure
  • Getting in touch with prospects and conducting follow-up discussions to achieve monthly membership targets
  • Talking with the Franchise Owner and Head Coach on membership sales
  • Coaching and onboarding new students on program principles
  • Promoting Farrell’s membership programs

Past Farrell’s experience is not needed.

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