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Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping is so much more than a health club. It’s a family. A motivation center. With Farrell's Overland Park, you’ll get an awesome workout, nutrition coaching, and the support system you need to meet your goals and improve your life. You’ll feel good—physically and emotionally!

Live with Power and Purpose.
Everyone comes to Farrell's for different reasons. But our common goals unite us as a family. You'll experience positive change, achieving personal milestones you thought were out of reach. That's what we call living Life at Level 10®! Be inspired by what our members say. Then write your own success story.
Lindsey, East Colorado Springs, CO
“I knew something needed to change in order for me to put my life back together and be the best mom that I could be for my two little girls. Farrell's came into my life exactly when I needed them.”
Randy N.
Randy N., Madison, WI
“Once again, we were walking and hiking upwards of 10 miles a day. Because I had kicked my own butt for more than an entire year, this time I was able to keep up!”
Sandy, Parker, CO
“Our instructors reiterated that each combination of punches and kicks, while at times complicated and confusing, could be accomplished if I completed one at a time. I have extrapolated this philosophy and many others from kickboxing into my life in the real world without gloves.”
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January 11 - March 21, 2020

Meet the Farrell's Overland Park Team

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, our team is here to help. Everyone here started with their 10-Week Challenge—just like you. Our head coach is here to help you reach your goals, along with our professionally certified instructors. You'll have a personal coach, and the support of fellow Farrell's members.

Life at Level 10® Blog
Our blog is a one-stop resource for tools for your success. You can read incredible transformation stories and find nutritional information, wellness tips, and more to support you on your journey.
4 Tips for Creating Reasonable Fitness Goals
Sticking to resolutions is hard. Find out how you can make and reach fitness goals today with help from Farrell's Overland Park.
Reach Your Weight Loss Goals in the Gym with FXB Overland Park
Writing down New Years resolutions is simple. Following them is difficult. Discover how you can meet your fitness goals with the help of Farrell's.
Here are the five approaches to hit and maintain your weight loss goals. 1. Sip Half Your Weight in Ounces Staying properly hydrated is key to your weight loss goals. For peak hydration, shoot to consume no less than half your body weight in ounces every day. For instance, if you are 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water daily. Having a reusable water bottle with you and having an alarm on your phone is a fantastic option to keep on goal. If you don’t like nonflavored beverages, spice it up by enhancing it with fresh fruit! Our favorite blends are blueberry/lemon and cucumber/lime. Topping off your water bottle is also a good moment to get up and stretch your legs if you’ve been sedentary for awhile. 2. Get Enough Sleep Sleep is critical for slimming down. It’s all the more necessary than eating healthy and exercising! Not getting enough sleep affects your body in a lot of ways. When we’re fatigued, we want junk food more! UC Berkeley researchers learned high-calorie foods are “significantly more desirable” when you haven’t had sufficient sleep. Insufficient sleep impacts brain activity and decision-making, researchers determined, which might solve why people who sleep less tend to be heavier. When you sleep enough, you’re more liable to make good food choices. At Farrell's, we make it nearly effortless to choose what you’re eating with our proven nutrition plans. You’ll be given these straightforward meal plans as part of your 10-Week Challenge. Sufficient sleep also: Improves focus and output Increases your fitness performance Lowers your possibility of heart disease and stroke Assists your mental health Strengthens your immune system Make sure you allow yourself time to get ready for bed at night without your phone. It’s important to make sleep a concern in your daily agenda. 3. Give Your Body Time to Rest Making time for scheduled days off from your fitness schedule—at minimum two rest days per week—permits your body to recharge. When you allow your body recover you: Help stop muscle exhaustion Decrease your risk of getting injured Boost your performance while you exercise Equalize your hormones Because all of these benefits assist your workouts, you’ll have results faster! In spite of the fact you’re taking a day off from your HIIT and strength training workouts, it doesn’t mean you can’t be in motion! Here are several light options to keep your muscles working: Use the stairs as opposed to the elevator Stretch each hour during work Do a walk with your family after dinner 4. Give Yourself Time Good things take longer than a couple of weeks. Fast weight loss may be unsafe and is unsustainable. If you find yourself wanting inspiration during your fitness journey, read our greatest ideas for getting (and keeping!) determined. Make sure to give yourself grace and be kind to yourself. Because everyone is different, individuals will see progress at contrasting steps in their exercise and weight loss journey. And that’s okay! Enjoy your rest days and reflect on how far you’ve progressed. It’s essential to recognize that every day you’re thriving and becoming better than you previously were! 5. Combine HIIT and Strength Training Switching high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with strength workouts is a good approach to build lean muscle while burning additional calories while you’re resting. HIIT fitness classes make an afterburn outcome by speeding up your metabolic rate. Put simply, you keep burning calories after finishing your exercise—even while relaxing on the couch! HIIT also creates muscle and speeds up your metabolism. That means you burn more fat and calories in the 24 hours at the end of a HIIT workout than you do after a run! Besides HIIT, strength training is a fantastic process to get lean muscle while burning body fat. You can strength train with resistance bands, dumbbells or your own bodyweight! Strength training is crucial for a healthy body, but also offers many mental health benefits. Research has found that strength training, even just two days per week, may help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. At Farrell's, we use HIIT, strength training and kickboxing in our fitness classes for the best results. Schedule your free week at your local FXB to try our group fitness classes now!">